Monthly Archives: April 2015

Facebook and Easter

We have been on the road now for the better part of four months.  I now find myself back in the city where I grew up.  I don’t care for it much these days, except for the people who live here.  Facebook is truly useful, but insidious describes it as well.  Man, it can suck you in and take over your life.  I am sitting in a city where I went to school and instead of meeting people face to face and having a conversation, you message them.  They may only be four or five miles away.  So you look at a Facebook icon that identifies someone you knew years ago and try to remember them so you can send a message.  Then you message them and wait for a response.  Instead of gazing across a table to look for body language, the other person has a lot of time to consider their response.  I guess this is the useful part of Facebook.  You can hide behind your computer screen and consider carefully what you say next.  And since you have no plans of seeing this person, maybe ever again, you can either be as honest as you want or you can bait them a little.  That is a useful tool, knowing the same thing is happening behind their computer screen, makes it kind of a chess game.


For my part at this point in my life, I have decided to hell with the chess game.  The truth is so much easier to deal with.  Being truthful carries risks of a sort, but if you ever do see that person again, that person can gauge you on your words as they will and you can just be yourself.  I have good friends enough to last my lifetime, more are always welcome, but friends, by my definition must be truthful.  It is kind of cool to watch a circle of internet friends interact with each other.  I choose not to participate much, having a basic distrust of social media.  But on this day, this Easter day, I was able to interact with a person I barely knew a long time ago, and hopefully have a positive impact on a friend of mine a thousand miles away.  The invisible hand of Facebook  was a useful tool in my effort to do a good deed for a friend of mine.  I hope my friend gains a little peace during the trying times he is going through.