Monthly Archives: May 2015

Top of the mountain

Just spent a week and more on top of a mountain.  I hope to build a completely off the grid home there in the coming year.  One of my true friends was there to lend a hand.  We spent nights around the campfire drinking beer and spilling out images and words that spanned the fifty years we have known each other.  That was after spending the days pretending we were twenty again and working our asses off.  In the process, we furthered my dream and held each other up for the ransom of honesty.  As good a week as I have had in many years.  In the back of my head was the guilt of detaching myself from society and my pipe dream of being a writer.  I had not taken care of the business of taking seriously my first promotional campaign.  I signed a deal with a self-publishing company and now they are keeping up there end of the bargain.  They are trying to promote my book.  I don’t really want to promote my first book.  I want to use it as a learning experience and find out how the industry works.  The book is far too personal.  It was written as a therapy.  I’d like to leave it at that.


If you put my current location as a red dart on a google map, you could add another twenty dots in a twenty mile radius as places where the pot industry is getting legal after taking root many years ago.  It is the topic of my next book.  Thank God they are making it legal.  The value of pot is subjective.  I choose to treat it much like alcohol.  For some it is a medicine, for some it is a livelihood.  For some it is almost a religion and for some it is a combination.  Mostly, I think that adults can be helped in some ways and certainly not harmed to any great degree by pot.  Choose your God, choose your sedation, choose your poison.  The really bad part I have seen is the people it attracts, given the profit motive and the fact that a lot of children grow up in the culture.  Some say that is good.  I disagree.  So I invite any and all of you into the discussion as I want to portray as truthfully as I can, the story of my time in the culture.


I have been involved in a very personal way.  I have seen two people die and one put in prison as a direct or indirect result of the legal growing of pot.  People I knew on a personal level and all three who I liked on a personal level.  And it goes on.  I have several personal friends who use pot as a positive influence in their lives.  Most as an alternative to prescription meds.  Personally, I worked in the transportation industry for forty years.  Pot was a no/no.  I never missed it and when I returned to using it, I found out that I became the world’s smartest man under its influence with an audience that ardently disagreed.  I smoke seldom now and truly, only socially.  So, please offer me up your comments or anything else of value to either you or me.   I look forward to it.  Be patient though, I intend to spend a lot of time on the mountain.  As everybody knows, the top of the mountain is close to hillbillys and Gods.  I’ll check in once a week though.