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Can’t fix stupid

I’m better now.  I just got back from a trip to Alaska.  I had written Alaska off as a place to live until I spent a few days there.  Now? Well, we’ll see.  The road trip back to Washington was a mission.  I had a cooler of fish and a timetable.  As always, the Alcan highway had a mind of it’s own.  I made it within my parameters though.  And, as always, my brain was left to feed on the experience.  I was coming down a hill lined on both sides by aspen, poplar and scrub spruce.  The headlights shot out spears of luminance that gave a cobalt-like sheen to the magenta-colored birch!  I got “stoned immaculate”,  “the air was narcotic.”   Jim Morrison and Edward Abby had a sword fight in my brain.  I feasted on the meat of their combat.  And it was true.  The damned birch trees were purple and glowing.  The air lashing at me through the open window?  Well, narcotic.   Billy Holiday, all the while, pouring her heartache out from the CD onto the serene but knowing  face of my sleeping wife.  Fifteen hours on the road creates it’s own visions.    Brings me to my next project.


I recently read a book called Artificial Paradise.  It was written by Charles Baudelaire.   It chronicles pot and opium use and was written in the mid 1850’s in Paris.  Thomas de Quincey. Louis Carrol, Aldous Huxley among others are purported to have used hashish and other drugs.    I live in Eastern Washington where pot is now legal and people are coming from everywhere to grow and smoke marijuana.  A lot of these people tout the spiritual aspect of the drug and insist that it enhances the mind.   I’m of the 60’s generation and so have sampled the drug on many occasions.


Since you can’t fix stupid, I am now in the process of writing another book.  This one on the pot(and drug) industry in Washington.  During the early stages of gathering information and actually living part of the lifestyle of the pot culture, I did for a time smoke a lot of pot.  I can’t say that worked out good or bad.  Combine it with alcohol, it usually turned out bad for me.  What I found out about today’s pot is that is takes me to a place in my brain where I don’t ever go when I’m straight.  I like going there once in awhile, but would never want to live there and certainly cannot write from that place.  So, pot like alcohol, is simply a choice for adults.  That is where the problem begins.  Teenagers using modern pot on a regular basis, gives me cause for concern.  An  issue I would like to get some feedback on.


Pot is a medicine as valuable as many prescription drugs now available.  I am sure of that.  The aspect of the medicinal value of the cannaboids inherent in the cannabis plant is certainly valid.   The spiritual aspect, the hallucinogenic aspect, the THC aspect,  which seems to be a basic belief of many in the pot culture is not a belief of mine.  An issue I would like feedback on.


The most destructive part of the pot business, from my point of view is the attraction of ancillary drugs, mostly hallucinogenic.   Mushrooms, DMT, LSD and the like.  And come harvest time, meth and cocaine.


My goal is to write a book that will make some money for me.  In that process, I want to write a fair and balanced view of the business of and the relative value of pot.  My personal experiences so far, weighs me in on the negative side.  Pot, viewed as medicine and a social drug, I’m ok with.  As a pathway to wisdom and any spiritual aspect of pot?  I find that possibility is getting weighted down by the crowd gathered around the business.  Some bad guys.  Some good guys.


I personally, have given up smoking pot.  A personal choice.  During the last couple of years, my personality has changed under it’s influence(combined with alcohol).  Pot seems to lend an arrogance and confrontational aspect to my behavior that is uncharacteristic.  I become the world’s smartest man.  Then I throw it in your face.  It has impacted relationships that are important to me, in a negative way.  Certainly, alcohol is complicit.  So, that’s my view.  I look forward to any input.  The game is on.