Being a dumb ass

Geeze,  I just got an email from my editor.  I got taken to the woodshed and put in my place.  I love the guy.  He’s honest.  In the process, I got a lesson in writing and a lesson in life.  As a writer I use a lot of things as tools to make a point or polish some sort of issue I have.  The life lesson is do not trash another person’s values simply to enhance your plot or maybe just your illusions.  The value we are talking about here is the United States Navy.  Most of the men who served in the Navy value it highly and rightfully so.  The same way I value the men I flew with over a forty year period.  To trash the institution of the navy in order to provide a drug experience that was mostly about highlighting my writing skills was stupid, insensitive and potentially, it was a way to alienate a whole portion of the male population for stupid reasons.  There may be writers of infinite skill out there, me, I need a team.  Well, that’s just the surface.  Now I have to re-read my whole book for the umpteenth time only to find out that mostly, I suck.  But, if you value the truth, you have to face it.  So I’m back in the woodshed, I have a different point of view and I am moving forward.  Good luck to me

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