The path

I have started digging back into the meat of this story.  Part of that is remembering the people who inspired and peopled the book.   It is a work of fiction with people I met in those days who are just a shadow now that I must use for my own purposes.  I must lighten those shadows, fill them with life and turn them loose and follow the path I have laid out for them.  Where we will meet at the end of that path is anyone’s guess. But I think it’s important that I give them their head.  The path is my creation, but in an odd sort of way, the characters can move the story as they see fit.


I think it’s a big risk to let this happen, but so is strapping yourself into the space shuttle before it launches.  I think the trip will be worth it. But getting down the path is the important thing.  Writing the book.  Success will be to finish it and feel good about it. It is a worthwhile goal.


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