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The Steve Elof Scott blog is my personal author blog. I’m not looking for a debate or an argument on any of the posted subjects. Name calling, or attacking my guests or myself is not something that will set well on this forum. However, a well mannered sense of humor and some occasional tongue in cheek comments related to the posted subjects are welcome.

As odd as it sounds, not everyone is going to like my posts, thoughts or comments, much less read my books. All I ask is that if you find it necessary to criticize, or take odds with any post or comment, please do so with respect.

This site is rated PG-13. If your comments don’t reflect that rating, they will be edited or removed.

Steve Elof Scott reserves the right to:

  • Edit comments for content, including removing comment signatures (though I’ll try really hard not to edit your grammar, spelling or punctuation).
  • Delete offensive comments and attacks (and as I said before, I am very sensitive and thus may delete with extreme prejudice)
  • Block offensive comments or users
  • Delete spam and suspected spam

Steve Elof Scott is not responsible for the content of comments left on this site by parties other than himself.

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